Dual Enrollment

The following is a list of postsecondary schools with whom we have signed agreements to provide dual enrollment (college level) classes. Students will earn (1) Turkeyfoot credit as well as college credits. To be eligible for college level classes at Turkeyfoot, a student must be at least 16 years of age and must maintain a 3.0 GPA or above.  Students must also pass a placement test prior to starting dual enrollment class(es).

Mt. Aloysius (students earn (3) college credits per class except Anatomy & Physiology which earns (4) college credits)

Introduction to Literature

U.S. History II (Grades 11&12)

Anatomy & Physiology (Grade 12)

Pre-Calc(College Algebra)(Grade 12)

Political Science

**The money for these courses must be received before Thanksgiving break.

Allegany College of Maryland (students earn (3) college credits per class)

English 101-Half year class(Grades 11 or 12)

Psychology-Half year class-may be taken along with Sociology (Grades 10-12)

Sociology-Half year class-may be taken along with Psychology (Grades 10-12)

**The ACM business office will send out the bill for these courses.  Payment is due upon receipt of the bill.

Penn Highlands Community College (students earn (3) college credits per class) 

Math 131 (Grades 10 & 11)-prerequisite for Probability & Statistics

Probability & Statistics (Grade 12-must have taken Math 131)

**Money for these courses is due late September but you may pay it at the beginning of the school year.