The Challenge Program


A Program for ALL Students

The Challenge Program, Inc. mission is to build sustainable Business/Education partnerships while introducing students to careers in their communities.

This partnership contributes to workforce and economic development by motivating students to develop the habits required to succeed in school and in their future careers.The Challenge Program, Inc. is a Program for All Students, regardless of a student’s previous academic performance. challenges all students The Challenge Program, Inc. to compete for an award to increase their success in and out of the classroom and become quality employees for businesses in their communities.


      • Our Presentations reflect workplace scenarios using The Challenge Program’s five award categories as building blocks for success.
      • Our Financial Award Incentives demonstrate a real-world motivational application.






    Our awards are available to all students regardless of their past academic or behavior history in order to encourage a fresh start and a successful future.

    The Challenge Program, Inc. connects real business leaders directly to students to introduce them to a variety of career options and the education/training paths within their own communities.

    Awards are presented to 5 seniors, 5 juniors and 5 sophomores each year their school participates in our Program.

    Each award is worth $200.

    To view the 2016 Assembly Presentation – go to

    For more information about the Program, the Awards and the Connection, please visit:  Criteria for and selection of award winners in each category

     2016-2017 Program and Awards Guide

     2016-2017 Community Service forms

     Lists of Business sponsors and partners

    Information on the 2017 Student of the Year competition where three finalists will each win $1,000.00.